The Must-Read Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

The Must-Read Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

Our team of experts here at Giant Containers knows shipping containers inside out. The following is a guide we made so that you can learn about how to improve the life of your shipping container and how to properly maintain your container.

Always buy your container from a reputable company

By purchasing your shipping container from a reputable source, you can ensure that you are getting something made to last. There are two kinds of used shipping containers, one is known as “one-trip” and the other is known simply as “used.” “One-trip” refers to containers that have only travelled overseas once, and “Used” refers to shipping containers that have been around the world multiple times. These have a lot more wear and tear than the former. The proper maintenance for your container will depend on what kind of shipping container you possess.

Don’t store heavy objects or put large amounts of weight on your roof

Shipping containers support weight at each of their four corners, so avoid laying heavy objects across its roof. If you do choose to store heavy objects or materials on top, make sure that the corners carry the load so that you can take care of whatever is inside.

Always clear away debris, standing water, ice or snow from the roof

Standing water and debris can cause the corten steel material of your shipping container to rust and thin out. After any weather events, be sure to inspect the roof of your container and clear away anything that might have gotten onto it.

Stay on top of climate control system maintenance.

Always follow your manufacturer’s system maintenance instructions if you have a container that has built-in-air-conditioning. You should take care of these as you would any air conditioning unit; by changing the filters, and getting professional maintenance, service or repair.

Regularly inspect your container for any rust, dents, scratches, moisture and debris

No matter where you decide to place your shipping container, it is prone to rust, dents, scratches or debris. Make sure that inspection is part of your maintenance routine so that you can take care of these issues while they are small.

Keep your container free from dust and surface rust

It’s important to take the time to regularly remove any dirt and rust that you can see on the outside of your shipping container. You can use commercial soap and water, or a mild bleach, with a hose and broom to knock off rust and dirt. For large rust spots, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Examine and replace any caulking and weather stripping yearly

To mitigate the negative effects that moisture has on your shipping container, you should replace any caulk or weather stripping once they start to peel and crack. Doing so will help your container last longer, and it also helps your climate control system do its job more efficiently.

For more information about shipping container maintenance, contact Giant Containers today.

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