Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Pop Up

Pop up retail spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to brands wanting to reach their target customer, rather than trying to attract them. With competition being so high it is easy to get lost in your customers eyes by the overwhelming amount of marketing campaigns and advertisements. Below are the three main reasons why using a repurposed shipping container pop up space for your product/service can be a very beneficial business move.

  1. Fast, Affordable, Easy
    1. Choosing your location
    2. Designing your idea with our team
    3. Execution and delivery
    If you properly plan out your pop up it’s as simple as those three steps above. Once you’ve found your location and have a permit, you come to us with your idea. Our team designs your pop up, and delivers it directly to your site. This is all possible to execute within six weeks, unlike any other construction method which also costs you for structural build. The structure is the shipping container, so we’re already one step ahead.
  2. Experiential Marketing
    By investing in a pop up and marketing it correctly, you can create and unforgettable experiential retail space. The idea is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by allowing them to interact in a fun and memorable experience. If a brand event stirs genuine positive emotions within people then they are more likely to associate those emotions with that brand, which is more effective than just putting out an Instagram ad.
    Shipping containers can be modified into essentially any creative vision you may have, allowing them to represent your brands’ aesthetic in any way possible, from exterior to interior. Our team of creatives, designers and manufacturers work side by side to ensure the space will provide  a positive and welcoming experience for you consumer.
  3. Modular and Transportable
    Customers will have a better experience if they don’t have to search for it. We design and modify your shipping container pop up on our site, which then can be transported globally. It’s essentially boundaryless product placement.
    Additionally with a container pop up, you can package all of your product inside when transporting from one location to another. This saving you the time spent on set ups and take downs.

From retail spaces to bars, informational kiosks, restaurants, cafes, interactive spaces and more we’ve worked with Nike, Volvo, Lulu Lemon, Chanel, Bather, Corona, Kit and Ace, Perrier and  Ace Hill, just to name a few,  to create an unforgettable pop up experience for both them and their customers. Email info@giantcontainers.com to get started on your shipping container pop up!

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