Shipping Container Movie Theaters

The creative capacity of a modified shipping container never fails to surprise us. From large to small scale inventions, they can be turned into pretty much any kind of enclosure – and just when you thought we had run out of ideas shipping container movie theatres popped into our brain.

These metal boxes actually work incredibly well as soundproof, and light-proof enclosures. Essentially all you need is a screen (electrical package), seating (custom interior), ventilation, insulation and some sound-absorbing panels – within less than 4 weeks you can have your very own 3D film experience. Whether you’re looking to create one for community or personal use, size accommodations are not an issue; 10′ or 20′ or 40′.

These inventions have been popping up all over the world. In Russia, a film company financed a  Shipping Container Modular Construction  Condo sales center to build a chain of 100 affordable, five-screen movie theatres in smaller towns that did not already have theatres of their own. Each of these theatres took only two weeks to construct and $295,000 USD, significantly less than what a traditional theatre would cost.

A series of small scale movie theatres was created in New York, with 18 seats and air conditioning. Originally created to screen a short film series, and once the series was screened the “viewing pods” were transported to San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

During a summer in Rhode Island, two containers were stacked together to hold a large movie screen, creating a drive-in-theatre for beachgoers.

Containers modified into theatre pods are possible, convenient and transportable. A very achievable way to spread the word about your next film, or to have a viewing pod in your own back yard.

Let Giant help you out with your next creative container enclosure – your Giant ideas


Featured Image found at https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/148413/

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