Having built the largest prefabricated and modular commercial shipping container development in North America, Giant Containers is well equipped to assist you with your build.

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We can help bring your idea to reality

Prefabricated shipping containers offer an affordable and sustainable solution for a modular building unit. Commercial structures are quickly becoming one of the most common applications for modular designs. Giant Containers builds attractive containers to fit all your commercial needs, regardless of size or functionality.

Some examples of the custom-designed modular buildings we design and fabricate for the commercial sector include:

  • Custom shipping container hotels
  • Prefabricated modular office buildings
  • Modular restaurants and food stands
  • Shipping containers for retail
  • Modular containers for recreation and entertainment

Whether you're looking for a small-scale commercial space or a large development for offices, container markets or innovation hubs, we can help bring your idea to reality.

Benefits of Commercial Prefabricated Shipping Containers

Some of the primary reasons why more global businesses choose modular shipping containers are:

  • They're modifiable: Unlike many standard storage options, our modular designs allow users to make modifications for their commercial requirements. Customization examples include floor drains, utility ports, HVAC systems and more.
  • They're durable: Prefabricated containers are much stronger than portable designs containing various panels and components. Modular designs from Giant Containers consist of only the highest-quality materials to ensure many years of reliable use.
  • They're easy to transport: Modular shipping structures are among the most manageable cargo types for shipping. Many designs fit perfectly on a trailer and enable fast loading with a forklift or a crane.
  • They set up quickly: Once they arrive at your location, our prefab containers are easily unloadable and can often be ready for use in as little as several minutes or a few hours. In addition, many of our structures do not require complex foundations, making them a perfect choice for commercial applications on remote sites.

The Giant Method

Production facilities in Canada, USA, China and Korea.


Our experienced and talented team of designers, architects, engineers, project managers and qualified sales associates will bring your dream project to reality.


We're not your usual container company. Giant offers clients a unique offering from modular shell structures to complete turn key products.


We are global. With offices and production facilities and subtrades across the globe we have the ability to service our clients anywhere. As our product is CSC certified, we take advantage of the vast intermodal network to deliver our product.

Shipping Container Manufacturer


Boats, Trains, Trucks and Cranes! Our roots in the transportation industry go back 4 generations. Our vast network of freight forwarders, customs brokers and logistics agents will ensure your modular buildings arrives safe and sound.

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If you're interested in learning more about how our prefabricated modular designs can benefit your commercial application, the experts at Giant Containers can help. Discover why many businesses worldwide choose our containers as a practical and sustainable solution to their needs. Call 888-97-GIANT or contact us online to get started.

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