Our shipping container showroom made it to the Globe and Mail

giant containers cabin shipping container showroom

Be on the look out for tomorrow’s copy of The Globe and Mail, because our shipping container showroom we built for Curated Properties with RAW Design was featured! Cabin Showroom. located at Queen and Dovercourt in downtown Toronto,

Writes The Globe:

The exhilarating walk into the dining and living area, however, cannot be overstated. Here, four containers have been married to create a grand, airy and light-filled room. The only clue that corrugated ceilings, walls and floors have been removed to create this room is the long, slender “beam” overhead, where all once linked together.

You can see the beam Globe writer Dave LeBlanc is talking about in this “before” picture below.

cabin showroom toronto shipping container giantcabin shipping container showroom toronto giant

Read about our shipping container showroom we built for Cabin in the Globe and Mail here.

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