Modular Containers for Emergency Management and Disaster Relief


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When pandemics and natural disasters strike, it is typically with little to no warning, leaving devastation in its wake. This can impact thousands of families, business owners and government agencies in America and Canada every year, leaving them with the daunting thought of how to address their situation and how to be prepared for it the next time it happens. 

Giant Containers manufactures modular shelter units to provide efficient, effective and reliable structures for disaster relief housing, testing facilities, modular morgues and units for care. Our prefabricated solutions are suited for businesses. Governments and people that require reliable support during pandemics and disasters, such as floods, forest fires, snowstorms, tornadoes and more. Read on to learn about how we provide secure container solutions during emergencies.

Modular Buildings As Emergency Shelters

Many natural disasters can leave businesses, cities and organizations needing space for emergency hospitals, housing and emergency shelters. Our flat-pack emergency shelters are a rapid-response solution to disasters.  The modular and prefabricated structures can be deployed in as little as 7 days. Giant containers supply emergency shelter units with our trusted alliance partners handling all on-site work, sit services, foundations and more. Below is a quick rundown on our flat-pack emergency shelters, please contact us for further information:

  • Basic Specs: Our emergency shelters feature one door and 2 windows.
  • Delivery time:
    • 1,000 units 8’ wide units within 20 days 
    • 300 units 10’ wide units within 7 days
  • Shipping: 4 Flatpacks per bundle

Designed to be either standalone units or grouped together as a building, these semi-permanent structures are built with innovation and speed in mind.

Modular Morgues

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The demand for temporary modular morgues is higher than ever. Offering fast and easy delivery of modular morgue units, Giant Containers offers quick solutions to emergency situations. Our modular morgues can be assembled easily in rapid time to offer organizations the solutions they require. Our modular morgue solutions include the following factors and features:

  • 20′ and 40′ Models Available
  • Can Hold Temperature of 39 degrees
  • Can Be Moved Full or Empty
  • 45-60 Day Lead Time

Giant Containers is committed to providing our clients with high-quality, durable and quick solutions for business, living or emergency needs. Our innovative enclosure solutions are designed with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship and safety in place. We are a global supplier of new, used and customizer shipping containers to ensure you have access to the storage solutions you need. Contact us to learn more or to request a quote at

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