Modified Container Trends for Events, Retail Pop-Up and Commercial Spaces


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Shipping containers are the ultimate option for customizable mobile spaces, ideal for events or pop-ups that will need to move from city-to-city without a permanent location. When looking at commercial spaces, traditional brick-and-mortar locations tend to be much more costly to build and maintain. The unique combination of security, mobility, and easy modification are large draws for the shipping container building style.

When choosing your shipping container, you should consider the size of the container you need, as they come in standard sizes of 10’, 20’ and 40’ lengths, but can be customized to suit your individual business needs if necessary. The right container shouldn’t have many defects, like holes, rust or dents that could compromise its structural integrity. Too much damage could result in costly repairs that might simply be solved by purchasing a new container in the first place.

A shipping container can be modified to have some of the conveniences of a traditional structure, including insulation, air conditioning and heating, and secure windows and doors. Locks and other security devices are easily added to ensure extra security, but the solid steel construction already makes them excellent options to ensure your valuable business materials and merchandise stay safe. They are also easily painted and applied with decals or other identifying features to allow your brand to stand out amongst the crowd.

Today, some of the common uses for temporary shipping container offices are for construction and home builders, but they are quickly gaining popularity in the retail market. More companies are using them for festivals and pop-up events for exposure and outreach, while other smaller companies can use them simply as their travelling location, often like a small cafe or food service. There are even whole markets built around shipping containers, like Toronto’s Stackt Market, that feature individual storefronts for a wide variety of small retail stores.

Aside from retail space for events, they are great for lounges or terraces, stages, temporary office or meeting space, or even just for secure, transportable event storage. They can also be easily moved into large event halls if needed, or suitable for any event taking place outdoors.

Shipping containers are the ultimate expressions of design and self-expression for your business. They are meant to be one-of-a-kind, just like you and your business, and are still uncommon enough that you would be making a statement in opting into one. Especially in retail and sales, you are showing your clients that your company is a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious retailer. By choosing to build your space out of shipping containers, you become a part of one of the world’s largest recycling programs, as nearly 60% of the world’s containers are currently sitting empty and idle.

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