Top 5 Container Architecture Picks

Container Mansion in the Desert

Utility EnclosuresThis 2,909 square foot container home consists of two stacks of containers with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Designed by engineer Jorge Salcedo and Colombian architect Gregorio Baquero. The first floor features a large, four-car industrial level workshop, the upper floors house the living spaces. The house balcony aligns with the mountain range to the south to make the best of the striking views. Read more here.


Shipping Container House Keeping it Green Container architecture

This container house perched on the hillside of Southeast Australia was designed with sustainability in mind. Incorporating three 20-foot shipping containers and a green roof that provides added insulation during the colder months, as well as a rainwater filtration system that collects water for use in the home. Read more here.


Massive Shipping Container Shopping Centre Shipping containers San Francisco

Implant, the three-story modular building made if 300 shipping containers may soon pop up in downtown Warsaw, Poland. This building would house approximately 80 tenants and host mixed programming from retail and restaurants to social and cultural space. Read more here.


Shipping Container Sky Scrapers Modular Construction

CRG Architects, which has offices in China and Nigeria, came up with the concept for Container Skyscraper to provide temporary accommodation to replace slum housing in developing countries. Read more here.


Shipping Container Art Studio Prefab Building San Francisco

An art studio made of recycled shipping containers on the East End of Long Island, in Amagansett, New York. It includes 900 SF of space and a double-height ceiling. Read more here.

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