How Israel has Created Affordable Student Housing with Shipping Containers

With the help of 1000 students and pre-army volunteers who picked up construction skills as they worked, a shipping container village to house students was built in Sderot, Israel. The village was built using 36 recycled shipping containers, yielding 150 apartment units.

The shipping container village is comprised of three separate structures, each rising three stories. The shipping containers used to build them were pretty much left in their original state, from the outside.

From the inside, one would never be able to tell that they are living in a metal box. The walls are insulated, covered in drywall and painted white. The units are also fitted with large windows letting natural daylight flood the room and offering good ventilation. The apartments are comfortably furnished and contain a fully functional kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom.

The biggest obstacle for people settling and studying in this region of the country is the lack of affordable housing. This large-scale project is one of many that will hopefully change this deciding factor.

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