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Giant Containers is a global supplier of new, used and modified shipping containers. We offer numerous residential, commercial, retail and industrial projects; an eco-friendly, affordable, custom enclosure is the best solution. Our commitment to quality prefabricated construction and craftsmanship allows us to produce cost-effective sustainable living and working spaces in a timely fashion.


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Containers Used For Large Scale Residential Builds
In recent years, housing in populated cities is increasingly becoming a luxury. Property and building costs soar in cities around the world....
Using Shipping Containers for Supportive Housing
Everyone deserves to have a place to call home, but there are a number of vulnerable people worldwide struggling with this. Supportive housi...
Shipping Container Shortage Worldwide & Resulting Cost Increases
In late 2019, a brand new virus emerged, but no one could predict the series of events that followed the novel bug. Almost 2 years later, th...



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