Growing Need For Backyard Home Office/Studio

Many people who are working from home during this pandemic are finding it difficult to concentrate on their work because of various distractions that can be found in their homes. This includes noisy children trying to entertain themselves, spouses asking about home projects, pets begging for attention, or even just being tempted to watch TV while working. As convenient as it is to work from home, people are needing quiet spaces that allow them to be as productive as possible. 

Giant’s G160 offers custom and unique solution for your backyard and is a creative way to better separate your work and home life.

Here are a few advantages of building a home studio/office using a container.

Keep Your Work/Home Life Organized

Right now, you may be using your dining room table or a desk in your bedroom as your workspace. If you are working with different papers, files and equipment, it can be hard to clean up and organize all of your work equipment after a long day. This can leave common places with clutter that other members of your family may want to use during the evening. If you have a dedicated office in your backyard, you can keep your workspace as clean or as disorganized as you like!

Another advantage of organizing your work and home life is that you can let go of work after the day is done. Many people are finding they can’t stop working at their designated time and spend another 2-3 hours working because they can’t get away from their computer. If you have a backyard office, you can take a walk or drive around the neighbourhood after work to make it feel like you are commuting home and can decompress after a successful workday.

Creates A Quiet Work Atmosphere

You have probably been a part of many of Zoom calls during the pandemic, and it can be distracting when you can hear somebody in the background. Having a quiet place to participate in crucial meetings or just to get work done is imperative for optimal work output. If you had a dedicated office that you could escape to during the day, you could easily focus on your work at hand rather than worrying about if somebody would barge into your workspace in your home during an important conference call.

Giant Containers Has Your Solution

If you are interested in getting a backyard office, contact Giant Containers today! We have a variety of shipping containers that would be great for an office, including our 10’ units, which don’t require a permit or our G160 units that can be customized to reflect your style and workspace needs! Call or email us today to learn how you can turn your backyard into your own office haven!

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