Giant Ideas Collabs with Humber College Interior Design Students

Giant Ideas Collabs with Humber College Interior Design Students

Ontario’s affordable housing crisis is a growing issue that affects us all. Many residents in Toronto specifically have reported that they face increased housing costs which are limiting their ability to cover the cost of food, healthcare, transportation and other needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Containers can be used to build affordable and supportive housing is designed for this purpose.

In early 2021, Giant IDEAS collaborated with Humber College’s Bachelor of Interior Design students to design affordable housing in Toronto. We provided the students with an opportunity to extend their design skills to the larger community which allowed them to apply their knowledge to a real-world situation.

For this project, the design students selected a location in Toronto to create a feasible affordable housing design. Giant presented the students with a guideline and structural requirements for designing container homes. With instructions from Humber and Giant, the students took weeks to create their own residential design with many factors to consider such as the location, cost of materials, layout and other factors to keep their design affordable.

In February, the students presented Giant with their designs and we provided them with an open and constructive critique. We judged if their designs were structurally attainable and if they would fall within the affordable range. We also provided suggestions on how they could fix and enhance their designs. With this feedback, the students adjusted their designs accordingly.

In March, the students presented their final designs to us. These designs were creative and displayed significant improvement. Humber College’s Bachelor of Interior Design students put much effort into their designs which took weeks to finalize. We are proud of their final results and are happy to showcase them here. We hope these designs will inspire you to consider affordable housing as a method to address the housing crisis.

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