Factory Built Vs. On-site Construction


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If this is your first time hearing the term “factory-built homes,” you may be curious about what it entails and if they are different from on-site constructed homes. Giant Containers is here to go through the differences between these types of homes and the advantages you see if you choose the factory-built route.

On-site Vs. Factory Built

While it may seem easy to figure out what each term means, there are intricate differences between on-site and factory-built homes that you may not know about. A factory-built modular home is a structure that was constructed inside a factory. This typically includes the structural build, the installation of windows and doors, as well as framing and insulation. While being built, the site is going to be prepared at the same time to ensure it is ready when the modular structure is delivered.

Comparatively, a house that is built on-site often requires all materials and components, including the lumber, brick and all essential tools and equipment. The drawback to this type of construction is that the build relies on good weather and efficient coordination of trades. This often increases the overall build time as many elements need to be completed before another can start.


Advantages To A Factory Built Home

Here are a few of the many advantages you are going to see if you choose to buy a factory-built modular home.

  • The assembly process is conducted inside a climate-controlled facility. This is probably the best advantage because none of the materials used or the builders are exposed to unwanted weather elements, including rain, snow and heat.
  • Modular homes are commonly made from shipping containers, which are highly durable and often stronger than a traditionally built home. Modular homes are also constructed to be delivered, so they have to be able to withstand long transportation routes.
  • Another great advantage of a factory-built home is that the construction is more efficient. Since all of the construction is done in a controlled facility, work can be more efficient and there are no delays due to weather conditions. The construction time of a factory-built home is often faster than a conventionally built home because the home and site can be worked on at the same time.

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