Diving Into the Recycle Trend

Shipping container pools have been popping up everywhere, especially for urban homeowners with small lots.

Container pools can be free-standing or installed in the ground. You can add beautiful deck areas and plantings like those seen around traditional swimming pools. You can design and outfit them so that you won’t even notice that they were originally a big steel box. You can install windows, creating a fish tank-type feel for the swimmer.

Shipping container pool provides:

  • Cool, industrial aesthetic.
  • Repurposed container materials
  • Strong, steel construction
  • Flexibility of customization
  • Modular, standardized size and shape
  • Small footprint for small spaces.


Hayward Poolside Blog: Shipping container pool

Image source: Pinterest

8 Tips for Shipping Container Pools

  1. Contact your local pool builder. AKA us!
  2. Determine the best location for your new pool.
  3. Determine the path of access during construction. How will the container be brought into your yard? Plan with us and we will figure out the best route.
  4. Decide on the type of container pool. You can purchase a new shipping container or used container with more of an industrial look and recycled feel. We can outfit your pool identically to any other pool. Filtration, steps, rails, whatever you need.
  5. Choose a container size to fit your yard and needs. 20’ or 40’ long are standard dimensions. For a larger pool, there is an option of welding 2+ together.
  6. Determine how you’ll integrate the pool with your backyard. We can additionally include deck add ons, to give it a more chic feel.
  7. Set up a maintenance schedule for a sparkling, clean pool. Similar to any other in or above ground pools, it’ll need maintenance.

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