Containers Used For Large Scale Residential Builds

Containers Used For Large Scale Residential Builds

In recent years, housing in populated cities is increasingly becoming a luxury. Property and building costs soar in cities around the world. To keep up with high housing demands and cries for affordable housing, developers and homeowners have had to think outside the box, quite literally! One way homeowners are meeting their needs is by hunting for unconventional solutions. Transform shipping containers into housing projects from the ground up! Tiny homes are a popular trend and work well with single shipping containers, but tiny homes aren’t the only housing solution that can come from old containers. You can use multiple shipping containers to craft full-size or large-scale residential builds. Here’s how it works!

History of Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers have been used to transport products across the seas since 1956. They are made from solid steel, which makes them very durable. In 1987, a man named Phillip Clarke began transforming these shipping containers into habitable spaces.  Design concepts saw shipping containers transformed into diverse buildings from office spaces to entire hostel buildings in the years that followed. Shipping container buildings began to gain real traction soon after. In the late 00s and early 10s, shipping container home construction continued to gain popularity and praise for unique appearances and unbound creativity.

Current Shipping Container Homes

There are 2 main kinds of shipping container homes that are currently popular. One type uses a single container or two, while the other uses as many as 30 containers. Televised series like Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Big Living, Container Homes, and Tiny House Hunters have all made single or double shipping container homes popular. Still, many are unaware of the mansion potential shipping containers also have. Let’s dive into that.


Shipping container homes offer a unique space set apart from typical architecture due to its unconventional building materials. Shipping containers come in standard sizes, both 20 ft and 40 ft sizes. The designs that talented planners and engineers can create with shipping containers are highly diverse despite the standard sizing. In some arrangements, panels are taken out to create an open floor plan or include doorways. Containers can be lined up or stacked to bring just about any floor plan imaginable to fruition.

By nature, shipping containers are excellent in a number of adverse weather conditions. The containers are made from steel, making them extremely durable in wind, rain, snow, and non-combustible. Coatings and paints are applied to prevent the metal from rusting, which does a great job.


Comparing typical home costs vs shipping container homes, the two price tags are relatively similar. Many variables determine your project cost. You aren’t immediately saving thousands and thousands of dollars by building with shipping containers. Some elaborate container designs may even be more expensive than traditional building styles. But if you’re looking for a home, you won’t see anywhere else on the street, seriously look into shipping container homes from the experienced team at Giant Containers.

On the other hand, when it comes to time costs, building a container home can be much faster. The time it takes to build your custom home will depend on factors such as design complexity, the size and scale of the build, and site work and permitting. 


Of course, if your home were made only of shipping containers and nothing else, that wouldn’t be the most practical. In frigid winters, you need heating, and air conditioning makes hot summers more bearable. Our shell scope always includes insulation, unless otherwise requested, and is recommended for temperature control. 

Future of shipping container homes 

In reality, we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future, but housing trends are certainly looking in the direction of modular and quick-to-build housing solutions. So there may very well be a day in the future where entire blocks are lined with shipping container homes, even cities! Only time will tell, but at Giant Containers, we like to think a sustainable future is just over the horizon.

The possibilities are truly endless and completely customizable. Let’s bring the ideas in your mind to life! If you’re thinking about starting construction on a shipping container home yourself, Giant Containers wants to be a part of your process. Please fill out a form, and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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