These Containers Will Keep You Caffeinated

These container cafes have caught our eye. Whether opening your own cafe venture or using one as a pop up, we can accommodate your design and architecture wants and needs.

Modifiable, portable, quaint and visually appealing. We created one for Pilot Coffee Roasters in Prince Edward County, as shown above.

For the company’s cottage-country outpost, the architects drew design elements from previous Pilot locations. “We were following a natural train of thought,” co-principal Betsy Williamson says. The pop-up’s counter, for instance, is lined in the same white-oak pickets that grace the signature curvier bars in Pilot’s urban cafés. Behind it, minimalist Modbar espresso taps are operated via under-counter control modules tucked next to a fridge and an ice machine, with power and water supplied through hookups to a nearby ice cream shop.

To house it all, a 2.4-by-6.1-metre corrugated metal container constituted the perfect pre-made shell. “Sometimes, you work to mask the toughness of a shipping container,” Williamson says. “In this case, we really wanted it for what it is: It keeps things secure, and it keeps them dry.”

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