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Comparing the Speed and Cost of Giant’s Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Construction

Pre-fabrication & the modular method of building is a disruptive force in the construction industry, an industry that has essentially remained the same for centuries. Traditional construction is slowly becoming less of the norm than ever before. Modular construction is on the rise and becoming a more popular construction method in North America, revolutionizing the way North Americans and the entire world builds. Although both methods of construction begin with the same process, including planning, design, site approvals, preparation and construction, the results are vastly different.

In this article, Giant Construction breaks down the benefits of modular construction, especially in terms of speed and cost and how it is the more viable alternative to traditional construction.

Modular Construction: Benefits

Once a project moves into construction, the benefits from modular construction are immediate. While the onsite foundation is being built, building construction commences simultaneously at Giant Containers automated factory. Therefore, before the building is even delivered on location, the prefabricated steel structure is taken care of. In addition, the benefits of modular construction include:

  • Speed: Modular construction projects are constructed as much as 50% more quickly than traditional construction. This not only guarantees a quicker return on investment but substantially reduces onsite labour costs. As the modular units are constructed in an enclosed offsite location, during the construction of the foundation and other site work, delays due to weather are eliminated.


  • Cost: Modular construction is extremely cost-effective and more affordable than traditional construction. Site-built construction takes a long time to build, which ultimately results in more payments and higher labour costs. Not only does modular construction offer flexible payment options but changes in scope and additions can be easily made with minimal downtime.


  • Environmentally Friendly: Modular buildings are extremely innovative and off-site construction eliminates construction waste that traditional construction significantly contributes to. The construction of modular containers is energy-efficient as fewer machines and equipment are required on-site and there is a reduction in site disturbance and noise pollution.


  • Minimal Business Impact: Your priority is your business and ours is ensuring your business is not impacted during the construction process. Modular construction eliminates about 80% of on-site construction activity, which allows you to keep the focus on your business’ success without worrying about disruption. Shipping containers can also be easily relocated, expanded or re-used to accommodate your company’s changing needs.


  • Quality Control: During modular construction, quality control is a top priority. Unlike traditional construction projects, modular buildings are planned, designed and assembled in a controlled, safe and sheltered location. This allows our team to work reliably and safely in an optimized environment that has been designed to streamline production and ensure high-quality workmanship.


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