Common Misconceptions When Building With Shipping Containers

Common Misconceptions When Building With Shipping Containers

As businesses and homeowners begin gearing towards non-traditional building materials and unique building silhouettes, the topic of prefab shipping containers arises. With this being such an atypical building strategy, there is still much for the general population to learn with regards to abilities and limitations. You may have heard a number of things about shipping container builds, how much of that is true and how much is fabricated nonsense? Here are eight of the main myths surrounding shipping container builds. 

Building With Shipping Containers

When you elect to build with shipping containers rather than traditional materials, you are choosing a unique building element. Shipping containers provide an exceptional appearance, unreplicated by other building practices. Shipping containers can be crafted into a number of Prefab modular structures. Some common uses for containers include pop-up shops, homes, offices and more. If you’re interested in learning what you and your organization can do with shipping containers, contact Giant Containers today and discuss all your options!

Cheaper Than Traditional Builds

Some people seem to think that just because the homes are built from shipping containers that they aren’t expensive. Shipping containers alone vary in price, which depending on the day, month, or season, can be quite expensive. Read here to learn about the current shipping container costs. Next, structural adjustments to the container require labour. The modifications are made to shipping containers structurally, making them comfortably liveable. Third, finishes need to be added to your home. Flooring, walls, and aesthetic elements need to be incorporated into the design and accounted for in the total cost. While, of course, the costs of stick-built houses are not the exact same as prefab modular container homes, they can often be quite comparable.

Built Fast

People often assume that because the container is already structurally finished, that construction times are faster. That isn’t always the case. While prefab container companies always try to build as fast as they can, we never skip steps just to get projects done quickly. While the physical building times depend largely on design and finishes, the benefit of modular buildings is that work can be done at site and on the building at the same time. The time your building takes entirely depends on elements unique to your structure.  

Always Sustainable

Shipping containers may sometimes be marketed as a sustainable building material and practice. This concept really depends on what kind of shipping containers are being used and how old they are. When it comes to building with shipping containers, many strict regulations require containers to be brand new. This means all the talk of recycling old decommissioned containers is misleading. With that being said, plans can be made to use only used containers, though these plans may require deep cleaning of the containers and additional structure patchwork to be safe. Whether the containers you use are new or old, there are still plenty of universal sustainability benefits, including a controlled construction environment.

Small and Cramped Spaces

One of the biggest misconceptions about shipping container structures is that they are small and cramped on the inside. Shipping containers range in sizes from 10ft all the way up to 53ft. Shipping container structures are not limited to the original shape of the container. Many home designers modify the walls, doors, and ceilings in order to achieve a desired floor plan and arrangement. In some cases, prefab modular homes can be even more spacious than traditional stick built homes. 

Building with Shipping Containers is Easy

You might look at a shipping container build and think you could get away with doing that yourself. However, there are a number of specifics that make building with shipping containers a fragile process. You will likely need some professional assistance when it comes to waterproofing the structure long-term, installing plumbing, as well as finalizing finishing touches. With total costs considered, it may be in your best interest to skip the personal project and leave the building to the professionals this time.

Prefab Modular Buildings are Temporary

Prefabricated modular shipping container structures are permanent. The steel that shipping containers are made of is one of the strongest building materials. One of the first shipping container homes built over 50 years ago is still standing strong. Steel is resistant to high winds, warping, and even high heat. These buildings are not made of flimsy materials and are constructed to last. 

Shipping Containers Are Uncomfortable To Live In

Shipping containers are just as comfortable as a regular home. They include all the necessary elements and can be constructed according to the exact needs of each owner. Giant Containers’ designers and engineers consistently look for ways to improve the spatial use and feeling of inside a shipping container. Express your comfortability concerns when you have a design meeting with the team. Collaboratively, we will come up with different employable solutions.

At Giant Containers, we tell our clients how it is. While we will always try our best to keep things like cost down and maintain sustainability, there are certain procedures that need to be completed that may affect the final price. For honest, transparent, and, most importantly, durable shipping containers, contact us today!

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