Our Shipping Container Paint Shop for CIL Paint and Home Depot


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If you were at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square recently, you might have spotted our two 20′ shipping container colour centre built for Canadian colour pros CIL Paints.

Canadian interior design expert Yanic Simard worked to help design this amazing shipping container space for CIL Paints in collaboration with Home Depot Canada. Giant Containers was tapped to help conceptualize and manufacture this amazing showcase of design inspiration and creativity, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Seriously — does this even look like a shipping container to you?


Yanic was even chopping it up on Breakfast Television Toronto about the space, and provided an awesome aerial shot of the place getting its finishing touches.

Toronto blogger Gracie Carroll was kind enough to include a shout-out to Giant in her write-up of the space:

Before I purchased #CasaGC, I had become rather obsessed with the new trend of building modern homes out of shipping containers. If you are not yet familiar with this trailblazing form of building new homes in a modern and more affordable way, I highly encourage you to google it immediately. It’s absolutely incredible to see what people have created out of these inexpensive and sustainable containers – seriously it will blow your mind! If you’ve got a little plot of land, you can essentially hire a company to show up and install your new home that can be bigger and better than any modern condo – and be completed in about a week!

When I heard that CIL paint was launching the CIL Colour Centre shipping container pop-up tour to celebrate the introduction of the new CIL pain colour centre, my ears instantly perked up and I couldn’t wait to see what they had created. Luckily I was invited to the media preview right before the launch of the tour, and was able to experience the amazing space first-hand. CIL teamed up with celebrity designer, Yanic Simard of Toronto Interior Design Group, to transform the 20-feet-by-20-feet shipping container (built by TO-based Giant Container Services) to create an eye-catching decor that showcases creativity through colour, design and unique, achievable DIY projects.

The CIL Colour Centre will be hitting Mississauga and Scarborough this weekend, check out the dates here! Thanks for all the colourful inspiration, guys! And if you happen to check out the space, definitely let us know what you think about it on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.