Building a Shipping Container Home

Building a Shipping Container Home

If you’re looking for a small house, container architecture is something you can consider. Many are becoming interested in this option, which is now gaining popularity. These homes are constructed from shipping containers, and the reason why people are gravitating towards these homes is because it offers a faster and sustainable approach to building.

How Do You Build a Shipping Container Home?

Container homes are reliable, sturdy, and safe. Homes can also be completely customized. Openings can be cut into the outer walls for doors and windows, and insulation will be installed so that homeowners can effectively heat and cool their container home.

The foundation of the home is an extremely important component, and the house must sit on a block foundation so that it’s secure. Professional contractors will attach the home to its foundation by a crane, lifting the container and placing it in the right location. Since shipping containers are strong, they will generally only have to be fastened at the corners but attaching them to steel reinforcements and welding them in place will ensure that they remain put. Depending on the size of the home, adjacent units can be welded to each other, and the results of this project will surprise you. You would have a very strong structure with a unique design, and construction would be completed in a short amount of time. If speed is a priority, container homes are ideal because the base can be completed quickly, and these innovative structures can be built a lot faster than traditional homes. Every aspect would be completed faster, including the flooring, roof, drywall and wiring, so a whole house could be built in a matter of weeks.

Do Shipping Container Homes Look Nice?

Container homes can be quite unique in appearance. Drywall is applied for finishing, so the steel interior would not be visible, and you would be able to apply wallpaper or paint. A shingled roof and cement siding can also be applied to the exterior. Once these steps are complete, the home is ready for you to move in with and can be customized with furniture you select.

Advantages of a Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes have many advantages, such as savings and reliability. Builders can use a manufactured product that is eco-friendly and pre-fitted for installation, which would save time, costs, and wood. These structures are also structurally sound. Shipping containers can be ordered and installed quickly, which will reduce construction time.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Container Supplier

It is a must that you work with a reputable team, and Giant Containers is here to deliver. We specialize in container homes, buildings, and pop-ups. We also work with engineers to create the perfect foundation. We design and fabricate steel plates that allow containers to be welded successfully to a foundation. Our methods are disaster-proof, so you can have peace of mind as our products can withstand 180mph winds meaning they are safe for hurricane-prone areas. We can also talk about the type of crane needed on-site and weather-proofing your container in more detail. We are experts at what we do, contact us today!

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