1. Market 707 Projexity Fundraiser

    [youtube] Market 707 Projexity Fundraiser Please watch and do your best to help Market 707 reach their goal. Its amazing what they’ve already done with some used shipping containers at Bathurst and…

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    Refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for the restaurant industry. 20′ and 40′ insulated units are available and typically are available about 10 years old in good working condition. Contact us today for more…

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    Giant Container Services has a variety of shipping containers for sale. Its spring and we need to make room for new inventory. Call us today for information on 10′, 20′, 40′ shipping containers….

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  4. Insulated Shipping Containers

    Thinking about purchasing a shipping container but worried about the containers not being insulated? Don’t fret! At Giant Container Services you have the option to have your shipping containers insulated with spray foam…

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  5. Giant Container Services – Gear

    Hey all of you Giant fans! Anybody purchasing shipping containers throughout the summer is eligible for a swag bag. Simply mention this blog posting to our sales team and well be sure to…

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  6. Collision Works Container Community

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    Are you located in or around the Kingston, Ontario area? Giant Container Sales can provide you with new, used and modified shipping containers and seacans. Our terminal is located in Toronto, Ontario however…

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  8. Nike Defeat Winter

    Giant Container Sales was fortunate enough to work with Nike last month to help them complete the Defeat Winter obstacle course. We supplied 8 great cargo worthy 20′ shipping containers and had them…

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    Giant Container Sales has just received new inventory in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. We have clean, wind and water tight new and used 20′ and 40′ shipping containers

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  10. Container Repair and Modifications

    Do you require any modifications done to a shipping container? Let Giant Container Sales handle your project. We have incredibly talented welders on hand that can custom create anything you require. Roll doors,…

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