1. Shipping Container Office

    We tend to spend a lot of time searching for creative and independent shipping container builds around the world.  We just came across this very organic looking 20′ shipping container that has been…

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  2. ‘Jenga-like’ hotel made from recycled shipping containers

    A beautiful example of what can be done with some re-purposed shipping containers.  Check out the article in the Global News

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  3. Lorem ipsum dolor et tapa

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  4. Custom 20′ Shipping Container With Ramp

    We have just completed an amazing project for Audi. This container is outfitted with an 8′ x 8′ steel ramp that is lowered with a battery powered winch. The shipping container is ideal…

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  5. New Shipping Containers!!

    We have just received our latest shipment of brand new one trip shipping containers. The containers are available in 20′ Standard, 40′ Standard and 40′ High Cube. The standard units are always great…

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  6. Shipping Container News

    Paperli.PaperWidget.Show({pid: ‘0837888a-81f0-4dda-a98e-71aeb1e75498’, width: 200, background: ‘#FB0000’}) Subscribe today to our daily news feed featuring pictures, videos and articles of a variety of shipping containers from around the world daily!

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  7. Happy New Year!

    Giant Container Services would like to wish all of our customers a happy and healthy 2014 filled with lots of Shipping Containers!! Don’t forget we are Canada’s #1 source for New, Used and…

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  8. 10′ Shipping Container

    Want to purchase a shipping container but not sure if you have enough room? Don’t worry! Giant Container Services has both new and used 10′ shipping containers. You have the option of both…

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  9. Shipping Container Mobile Spa

    This week a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund SOAK, a mobile bathhouse in four shipping containers. The design includes two hot pools, a sauna, a rooftop solarium, and a patio garden. Powered…

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    Here, you have a ceramic version scaled to become a useful storage container for the home. It’s likely that whatever is stored inside, has seen the inside of a cargo container before. A…

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