1. Casa Incubo

    Maria José Trejos fills containers of casa incubo with eco-sustainable solutions.   Read more at: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/maria-jose-trejos-containers-casa-incubo-eco-sustainable-solutions-costa-rica-12-24-2014/

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  2. 7 Surprising Uses of Shipping Containers

    Innovative and eco-friendly. The pool pictured is Stefan Beese’s, an architect based in New Orleans, brainchild. The pool is approximately 20 foot x 8 foot so you can certainly get some decent exercise…

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  3. How to Keep Your Shipping Container Home Warm During Winter

    Spring is just around the corner but while it’s still cold, here are some tips for your shipping container home: A shipping container home built by Giant Container Services Read more at: http://www.containerhomeplans.org/2015/02/how-do-i-keep-my-shipping-container-home-warm/

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  4. Shipping Containers and Recycled Steel

    Notable features: Hybrid house design  All recycled steel construction Solar home shading system Living roof Water conservation Read more at: http://www.motherearthnews.com/green-homes/made-from-shipping-containers-recycled-steel-this-kit-home-has-it-all.aspx

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  5. La Aduana

    In León, Mexico, Adrián López Menduett sought to create an architecturally adventurous apartment building. After he bought a parcel in the Piletas neighborhood, the city made plans to construct a road across part of…

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  6. Del Popolo’s Mobile Pizzeria

    Darsky wanted customers to be able to see the authentic 5,000 pound wood-fired oven brought all the way from Naples, so he tore down one whole side of the shipping container and fitted…

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  7. Think Inside the Box

    The showroom of the Decameron furniture store is located on a rented site in the furniture commercial alley in São Paulo. To make the quick and economic construction viable, the project worked with…

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  8. Cove Park

    “The architects who developed Cove Park installed the 6 containers that make up the community in only three days. The en-suite accommodation units, a.k.a. “cubes,” act as retreats where artists can get away…

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  9. Shipping Container Homes

    12 homes made from shipping containers:   Compiled by Design Milk: http://design-milk.com/12-homes-made-from-shipping-containers/

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  10. Shipping Container Drophouse

    Stylish and modern shipping container-sized prefab home: Read more at: http://dornob.com/stylish-modern-shipping-container-sized-prefab-home/

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