1. Taco Bell Builds Its First Shipping Container Store

    Taco Bell is an unintentional architectural icon. The fast-food chain’s aging white brick buildings from the 1970s and ’80s are unmistakable, even decades later, when so many have been inhabited by other businesses….

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  2. Las Vegas’ Container City Restaurants

    Here are some diverse dining options recommended by Max Jacobson of Vegas Seven:

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  3. Shipping Container Artworks Around the World

    We all now know that there are a multitude of uses for used shipping containers – cut a hole in one side and you have a coffee shop; put a door in and…

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  4. A Family Retreat in Southern Colorado

    This project is designed as a family retreat for a client that has been visiting the southern Colorado area for decades. The cabin consists of two bedrooms and two bathrooms – with guest…

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  5. Home Sweet Home

    Home sweet home. Story here:

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  6. Reclaimed Wood and Corrugated Steel

    Reclaimed wood and corrugated steel makes a great combination. Story here:

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  7. Cargo Canvases

    Cargo Canvases: Stacked containers turned into art murals. Story below:

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  8. We May Know A Thing or Two About These

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  9. Container City

    “Created by a small community of businesses, the project features restaurants, gallery space, bars, funky stores and even living spaces constructed completely out of recycled shipping containers.” Story by Inhabitat below:

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  10. Brisbane, Australia House

    A house in Brisbane, Australia made out of 31 shipping containers. Story below: Graceville Container House: Case Study- Brisbane, Australia

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