1. Lightspace Offices

    Lightspace Offices in Australia has an unusual flavor to their office. See more at: http://goo.gl/eoJU2H

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  2. Around the Shop

    Cap is available on the ModShop: https://giantcontainers.com/

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  3. Bxie Blonde

    Bxie Blonde at The Square in Malaysia serves exquisite food:   See more at: http://goo.gl/oKkUMB

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  4. Tony’s Farm Offices by Playze

    Tony’s Farm, the biggest organic fruit and vegetable farm in Shanghai, asked Playze to develop a main reception, lobby and VIP area as well as offices alongside the existing factory.   See more…

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  5. Giant’s Industrial Projects

    This spring we’ve been working on more industrial-based projects. We’ve built storages for Saskatchewan Energy, Mississauga Fire and the City of Toronto. Here’s one of the massive 40′ foot container storage we built…

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  6. Shipping Container Architecture

    Who would’ve thought this townhouse was built using shipping containers as it’s main building blocks? See  more at: http://goo.gl/2swP13

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  7. The Many Application of Shipping Containers

    Coca-Cola, Subway and particularly Starbucks who has multiple shipping container installation has set some precedence in the architecture world. See more at: http://goo.gl/kuE3Ih

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  8. Shipping Container Architecture

    Advantages of shipping container architecture:

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  9. Tommy Hilfiger’s Shipping Container Installation

    See more at: http://goo.gl/lJL2cB

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  10. 5 Restaurants That Used Shipping Containers

    See more at: http://www.royalwolf.com.au/blog/businesses-shipping-containers-unique-purposes/

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