1. “We should be writing a prescription for housing”

    Dr. Mitchell Katz has helped keep thousands of people out of hospitals and prisons — by writing them a prescription for housing. Throughout his interview with CBC he shared many important facts supporting his…

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  2. Shipping Container Movie Theaters

    The creative capacity of a modified shipping container never fails to surprise us. From large to small scale inventions, they can be turned into pretty much any kind of enclosure – and just…

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  3. Why Build using the Prefab Method?

    Off-site constructed builds have been a very big hit in the construction industry for the past couple of years. The real estate cycle has pushed prefabricated builds to prominence. Prefabricated – also known…

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  4. How Israel has Created Affordable Student Housing with Shipping Containers

    With the help of 1000 students and pre-army volunteers who picked up construction skills as they worked, a shipping container village to house students was built in Sderot, Israel. The village was built…

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  5. 5 Ways the Shipping Containers have Changed the World

    The shipping container has changed our world today significantly more than you may realize. From the original use of transporting cargo, to complete apartment building structures. Consider these 5 ways on how the shipping…

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  6. Diving Into the Recycle Trend

    Shipping container pools have been popping up everywhere, especially  for urban homeowners with small lots. Container pools can be free-standing or installed in the ground. You can add beautiful deck areas and plantings…

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  7. These Containers Will Keep You Caffeinated

    These container cafes have caught our eye. Whether opening your own cafe venture or using one as a pop up, we can accommodate your design and architecture wants and needs. Modifiable, portable, quaint…

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  8. Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Pop Up

    Pop up retail spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to brands wanting to reach their target customer, rather than trying to attract them. With competition being so high it is easy to get…

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  9. Giant IDEAS

    We are happy to announce the launch of our not-for-profit organization, Giant IDEAS. Giant IDEAS applies the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), to provide programming for students that empowers them to think…

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  10. Ace Hill Summer Yard Party 2.0

    #SummerOfAce We were excited to host in our courtyard, for the second summer in a row, Ace Hill’s Summer Yard Party. With unlimited free beer, 5 dollar eats from Grant Van Gameren, and…

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