1. 99c Advertising Firm

    The waiting room for Cape Town advertising firm 99c. See more at: http://goo.gl/vpUyIB

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  2. Jorge Macchi Container Installation

    Artist Jorge Macchi criticizes global trade and industrialism with this intriguing shipping container art installation. See more of Jorge Macchi’s work: www.jorgemacchi.com

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  3. 3,700-Sq. Ft. Contemporary Dallas Home

    Inside the 3,700-square-foot contemporary Dallas home made from 14 shipping containers that boasts a 150-person roof deck and a 40ft swimming pool. See more at: http://goo.gl/ZML0Ir

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  4. Johannesburg Library Design

    Johannesburg-based Architects of Justice were commissioned to design the library, but after the project ran out of money, the design team had to go back to the drawing board and come up with…

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  5. Seville’s New Cruise Terminal

    Seville needed a new cruise terminal that could be built quickly and inexpensively – and it also had to be flexible and energy-efficient. The city turned to Hombre de Piedra and buró4, who…

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  6. Repurposed Steel Door Tables for Zinc Development

    Re-purposed container furniture for Zinc Development. Also available on our ModShop: https://giantcontainers.com/collections/furniture/products/bespoke-industrial-container-table

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  7. Pan Am Games Container Market

    Giant-modified cargo container booths at the historic Distillery District in Toronto for the Pan Am Games 2015. Come by, shop, enjoy the food and live music!

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  8. Compact Prefab House

    Compact prefab house is Made from a single shipping container in Milan. See more at: http://goo.gl/aKwr15

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  9. Buenos Aires’ QUO Container Center

    Buenos Aires’ QUO Container Center is comprised of 57 colorful painted steel boxes that shelter a small community of local businesses. Topped with a luscious green roof and solar panels, the mall features…

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  10. Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division

    Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division opened in January 2013 and furnished with re-purposed cargo containers, the multifunction space features many eco-friendly designs such as the kitchen countertop made of recycled skate decks. See…

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