1. Multi-Terraced House in Indonesia

    Four overlapping shipping containers make a charming multi- terraced house in Indonesia See more at:

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  2. Damien Chivialle’s Urban Farming Units

    Damien Chivialle’s Urban Farming Units transform old shipping containers into greenhouses for organic produce. See more at:  

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  3. Bomastraat

    NU architectuuratelier designed a modern family home by renovating an old industrial warehouse in Ghent. Called Bomastraat, it consists of a central living space that divides a lush back garden and a sheltered…

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  4. ‘Til the Cows Come Home Restaurant

    ‘Til the Cows Come Home – A shipping container restaurant in Berlin. See more at:

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  5. Colorful Containers

    Mattel industrial designer Debbie Glassberg built her 2,600 square feet container home out of five Chinese shipping containers. See more at:

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  6. Monaco brings repurposed freight containers and vertical gardens to Expo Milan 2015 See more at:

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  7. Singapore Takeout

    Singapore Takeout – a custom mobile shipping container restaurant. See more at:

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  8. Barcelona Pizzeria

    Los Sopranos transforms recycled shipping containers into rustic Barcelona pizzeria. See more at:

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  9. Kohler Booth

    Kohler makes a splash at ICFF with a neon chartreuse shipping container booth. See more at:

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  10. Pan Am Container Market

    Here’s a look at the artwork on our Pan Am Container Market. They’re back in our yard until we ship them out to their new home. 

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