1. Too many posibilities

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  2. Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hote

    The stunning Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hotel in China is built using 35 containers in an area of 5000 sqm.  

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  3. Montreal’s Bota Bota Gardens

    Montreal’s floating five-star resort Bota Bota Gardens by MU Architecture. See more at: http://goo.gl/3jtA6C

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  4. Sneak Peek

    Two more of the modified containers for Nike!

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  5. Giant x Nike

    One of the building blocks for our modified shipping container for Nike ready to get delivered to the site. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  6. Container City Bogota

    Container City opened to the public in 2013 in one of the finest business neighborhoods of Bogota, Colombia. Twelve shipping containers, each one occupied by a gourmet restaurant, are set around an internal…

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  7. A Mix of Old and New

    A mix of new and old. These old recycled shipping containers give the structure a bit of character.

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  8. Trump Tower Instanbul

    Atop the Trump Tower in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, International Studio GAD Architecture created a miniature master plan utilizing modular shipping containers and terraces. See more at: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/gad-architecture-trumpe-cadde-istanbul-12-1-2014/

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  9. Built With Pride

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  10. A Cozy Off-Grid Container Home

    While shipping containers are heavy and somewhat complicated to retrofit into housing, they make excellent building blocks that can be completed away from the homesite and delivered by truck. See more at: http://www.tinyhouseliving.com/off-grid-container-home-in-the-tahoe-national-forest/

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