1. Modular Building

    The Must-Read Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

    Our team of experts here at Giant Containers knows shipping containers inside out. The following is a guide we made so that you can learn about how to improve the life of your…

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  2. Mobile activation

    5 Things to Know When Working with a Container Modification Company

    Hiring a container modification company to work with you on your project can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if it’s a personal project. You want to be sure that you hired a team…

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  3. Modular Construction

    8 Benefits Of Modular Construction

    Modular structures are the new way to construct buildings and property using fewer materials, maintaining durability throughout buildings and structures, and finding easier/better ways to preserve time, space, and money. Giant Containers is…

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  4. Pop-Ups

    Some Tips for Shipping Container Pop-Ups

    Usually, people think shipping containers are only used to transport products and other materials across the oceans or to be used as storage containers. There’s so much more to Giant Containers’ innovative practices;…

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  5. Container Park

    6 Ingenious Ways Shipping Containers are Being used in the Hospitality Industry

    Over recent years, the idea of using shipping containers as housing and other buildings has exploded in popularity. This is due to the fact that shipping containers are readily available, relatively cheap compared…

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  6. Back-up generation

    What Is A Container-based Architecture?

    Container-based architecture, otherwise properly known as “cargotecture,” refers to structures made out of shipping containers. In many areas of the world, many people are pressing for more sustainable options when it comes to…

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  7. All About our NEW Affiliate Program

    Let’s start the new year off right. To help you jump into 2021, Giant Containers has introduced a brand new Affiliate program! What is this new program? The Giant Containers Affiliate program is…

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  8. In Los Angeles and want to experience container living?

    We are very excited to announce our demo unit in Los Angeles is open for viewing. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to book a visit, please email us…

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  9. Insulating a Container – How Suitable are Containers in the Cold Winter?

    Shipping containers are being used for different purposes around the world and many people are repurposing them into offices and homes. These are great ideas and if you are considering either one of…

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  10. container house

    Dynamic Spaces – How a Container Can Transform From Work to Play

    One of the most innovative products over the past few years has been the use of shipping containers for the creation of new and dynamic spaces. These containers were once used specifically for…

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