1. Modified Container Trends for Events, Retail Pop-Up and Commercial Spaces

    Shipping containers are the ultimate option for customizable mobile spaces, ideal for events or pop-ups that will need to move from city-to-city without a permanent location. When looking at commercial spaces, traditional brick-and-mortar…

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  2. Supportive Housing

    9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container for Storage

    There are so many empty shipping containers in the world, that they actually outnumber those that are in use. Many are being repurposed for residential or commercial use, by using them as modifiable,…

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  3. Container Park

    Modular Containers for Emergency Management and Disaster Relief

    When pandemics and natural disasters strike, it is typically with little to no warning, leaving devastation in its wake. This can impact thousands of families, business owners and government agencies in America and…

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  4. Utility Enclosures

    Factory Built Vs. On-site Construction

    If this is your first time hearing the term “factory-built homes,” you may be curious about what it entails and if they are different from on-site constructed homes. Giant Containers is here to…

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  5. Self-contained

    Growing Need For Backyard Home Office/Studio

    Many people who are working from home during this pandemic are finding it difficult to concentrate on their work because of various distractions that can be found in their homes. This includes noisy…

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  6. Power generation

    The Need For Affordable Housing In North America And Why Modular Structures Are The Solution

    In today’s uncertain economy, the need for affordable housing has not been greater. In an effort to provide housing for those who need it most, many local and federal governments are looking for…

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  7. Mobile building

    This greenhouse in a sea can in Arctic Canada is powered by wind and solar energy

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  8. Container Market

    Ten Key Stages of Modular Construction

    Our shipping container fabrication process follows a strict regimen of rules and regulations to ensure safety in structural integrity and Giant quality. Business, personal, or experiential, Giant Containers works to optimize your projects’ quality and…

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  9. Power generation

    Comparing the Speed and Cost of Giant’s Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Construction

    Pre-fabrication & the modular method of building is a disruptive force in the construction industry, an industry that has essentially remained the same for centuries. Traditional construction is slowly becoming less of the norm than…

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  10. container buildings

    Our Shipping Container Factory

    Ever wonder how are prefabricated and modular shipping container buildings are made?  Well we finally have a sneak peak inside one of our 400,000 square foot facilities that manufactures our structures from scratch. …

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