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  1. Modified Container Trends for Events, Retail Pop-Up and Commercial Spaces

    Shipping containers are the ultimate option for customizable mobile spaces, ideal for events or pop-ups that will need to move from city-to-city without a permanent location. When looking at commercial spaces, traditional brick-and-mortar…

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  2. 9 Things to Consider Before Buying a Shipping Container for Storage

    There are so many empty shipping containers in the world, that they actually outnumber those that are in use. Many are being repurposed for residential or commercial use, by using them as modifiable,…

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  3. Comparing the Speed and Cost of Giant’s Modular Construction Vs. Traditional Construction

    Pre-fabrication & the modular method of building is a disruptive force in the construction industry, an industry that has essentially remained the same for centuries. Traditional construction is slowly becoming less of the norm than…

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