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  1. container buildings

    Our Shipping Container Factory

    Ever wonder how are prefabricated and modular shipping container buildings are made?  Well we finally have a sneak peak inside one of our 400,000 square foot facilities that manufactures our structures from scratch. …

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  2. Affordable Housing

    Affordable and Supportive Housing

    From the very beginning, our mission was to deliver eco-friendly, affordable, custom enclosures — cost-effective sustainable structures in a timely fashion. From build to build we consistently noted the cost and time efficiencies,…

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  4. Stackt Market Toronto

      Stackt Market is a shipping container marked located at 28 Bathurst Street in Toronto. Giant Containers built over 100 custom built shipping containers to make this project the largest shipping container commercial…

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  5. Maximizing Space With the Help of These Shipping Container Floor Plans.

    The Model 6 by Indie Dwell Made of two 40-foot-long shipping containers offset from one another, the Model 6 features an offset layout. The main entrance is recessed, and a small hallway leads…

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  6. “Atelier Let’s enlivens basketball courts in Taiwan with shipping-container pavilion”

    We are loving this pavilion made from three raised shipping containers providing shelter for two basketball courts in a square near the docks of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. “The structure designed by Atelier Let’s, along with works to the…

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  7. Shipping Container Markets

    As Stackt quickly comes together for it’s grand opening in spring of 2019, we couldn’t help but notice how these markets have been popping up all around the globe for years. We’ve picked…

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  8. 5 Most Important Steps of Shipping Container Construction

    Before you too excited about your container build, there are a couple of things that may be overlooked. These are the 5 most important Steps of shipping container construction. 1. Instaling Insulation This…

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  9. Top 5 Container Architecture Picks

    Container Mansion in the Desert This 2,909 square foot container home consist of two stacks of containers with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Designed by engineer Jorge Salcedo and Colombian architect Gregorio Baquero. The first…

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  10. Molekule Air Purification

    We’ve had the pleasure of trying out the award winning air purifier, Molekule. This revolutionary nanotechnology destroys pollutants at the molecular level, keeping the air in our office exceptionally clean and breathable. With…

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