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6 Ways To Use Shipping Containers For Brand Building and Marketing

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box marketing strategy? Giant Containers can offer you the perfect creative solution! Bend the conventional bounds of brand building and marketing with innovative exhibits built from shipping containers. Because of their mobile construct, custom design options, and standard sizes, shipping containers are incredibly versatile tools for any business. Check out these 6 ways you can use shipping containers to build your brand!

1. Mobile snack bar

Summertime is the perfect time of year to set up a snack bar outside your permanent location or at local events. You facilitate a conversation with current and future customers and promote your brand while providing tasty drinks and treats satisfying all your clientele. The mobile aspect allows you to move the location whenever you need.

2. Pop-up store location

Open up a new storefront just about anywhere with slim-built shipping containers. Giant Containers offer ample space for a wide variety of merchandise. The unique look of shipping containers intrigues all audiences, new and old!. Not to mention a pop-up shop allows you to expand your business without opening an entirely new storefront, talk about saving big on time and money!

3. Exclusive product launch

If you’re launching a new product, Why not try launching it from a shipping container front? You can use the container space to demonstrate new products, offer samples, or exclusive information. A shipping container exhibit for new products adds a unique dynamic to any launch plan. 

4. Mobile studio

Set up a mobile studio at any number of events or locations. Your mobile studio can include just about anything you want to with custom options. You can provide one-of-a-kind meeting experiences between you and customers or customers and influencers. In 2019, Giant Containers provided Raptors fans with exclusive basketball experiences in partnership with Tangerine!

5. Meeting space

Open a shipping container location to spread the news about your company. The mobility of shipping containers allows you to bring the word of your company just about anywhere without the total storefront commitment. Make your space a comfortable location with chic photo walls or experiences. Offer those you meet exclusive offers when they visit your actual store or shop online. 

6. Activity stage

Bring what makes your business special with you anywhere you go! Show up to the next event’s location and be the star of the show with a shipping container activity stage. You can offer a presentation, performance, or interactive experience during the event then, pack up just as quickly as you set up! 

The opportunities with shipping containers are endless! Check out even more examples of what you can do to spice up your next branding and marketing campaign online at https://giantcontainers.com/projects/. That being said, the key to a successful shipping container marketing campaign is promotion! Spread the news about your new and exclusive experience on social media platforms as well as your website. Need some help deciding details of your shipping container

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