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  1. Heat of the Moment

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  2. Our shipping container showroom was in today’s issue of The Globe and Mail!

    Pretty nice way to end off the week for us! Check out The Globe and Mail’s Dave LeBlanc write-up on Curated Properties’s Cabin showroom, built out of shipping containers. It’s also available online here.

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  3. Keetwonen

    Keetwonen: Amsterdam’s container student housing. Read more at: http://www.tempohousing.com/projects/keetwonen.html

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  4. Our shipping container showroom made it to the Globe and Mail

    Be on the look out for tomorrow’s copy of The Globe and Mail, because our shipping container showroom we built for Curated Properties with RAW Design was featured! Cabin Showroom. located at Queen and Dovercourt…

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  5. Be Great, don’t try to be just good

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  6. All black everything

    Get your Giant gear at Giant Online Shop.

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  7. QuikSilver Shipping Container

    “Not only are these shipping container ideas used in the project great, they helped create an amazing environment and feel during the event.” See more at: http://shippingcontainerhomesaustralia.com.au/the-quiksilver-pro-new-york-2011-shipping-container-ideas/

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  8. Throwback Thursday

    The container cafe we built for Pilot Coffee Roasters. Keep warm this winter by getting your coffees at: Pilot Coffee Roasters

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  9. Weld with pride. Weld with Lincoln Electric

    At Giant, we use Lincoln Electric MIGs.

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  10. This guy sings beautifully inside a shipping container

    At Giant, we spent a lot of time inside shipping containers, and a few of our guys have taken a liking to singing while they work. And while their selection of music leans…

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