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  1. Inside our Cabin Shipping Container Showroom

    Last week, Curated Properties hosted a party to show off their latest structure, the compelling new development known as Cabin. Located in Toronto’s West Queen West district, a neighbourhood which (fun fact!) Vogue billed as…

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  2. Penguin Pick-Up featured on CTV News

    If you’ve been following our website over the past year, you might have spotted our work on the brand new Penguin Pick-Up buildings, which is a service that holds your online shopping purchases for you, for FREE! Set your…

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  3. Mixing Glass with a Shipping Container home

    One of the amazing qualities of using shipping containers to create a unique, unforgettable home space is the way they mix with glass. Big, bold pane windows create a striking juxtaposition with the strong lines of a modular…

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  4. Le Port Franc Concert Hall

    Le Port Franc – an innovative concert hall in the Swiss town of Sion has its stage, walls and decors made out of shipping containers. See more at: http://inhabitat.com/architects-transform-old-shipping-containers-into-an-edgy-concert-hall/

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  5. We were featured on Dwell!

    Dwell, one of our favourite modern architecture magazines featured our latest project on their photo of the week section. Go check it out! Visit Dwell online and don’t miss their awesome prefab section.

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  6. Nike Pop-Up Shop

    To help pump up the news that Nike now delivers in Canada, the brand is set up a massive shipping crate that brought products and service to life for everyone to see, touch…

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  7. Redondo Beach House

    The Redondo Beach Shipping Container House is constructed with a combination of prefabricated shipping containers and traditional buildings materials, and is a stunning beachfront residence.

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    Drew Bezanson builds towering BMX bike park from shipping containers:

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  9. Dock Bar Pop-Up Container

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  10. Hamptons Beach House

    The Beach Box developed by Andrew Anderson. The container house – located in the Hamptons, NY – is made using 6 40′ cargo containers. See more at: http://www.jetsongreen.com/2012/07/beach-box-container-house-montauk-amagansett.html

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