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  1. Dwell from G-Pod

    Dwell from G-Pod is a deceptively dainty modular home that, with a little bit of manual labor, can expand to 3 times its original size. See more at: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/remodeling-design/blogs/this-clever-container-home-is-unpacked-to-reveal-loads-more-living

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  2. Designboom’s Summer Container Office

    See more at: http://inhabitat.com/designbooms-shipping-container-summer-offices-make-us-green-with-envy/

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  3. Pilot Coffee Roasters

    Giant Container Services is honored to work on this modified 20′ shipping container for Pilot Coffee Roasters. Make sure to come by for some great coffee. www.pilotcoffeeroasters.com

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  4. Container Juice Bar

    A container juice bar located in Beijing, China.

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  5. Let’s put an to homelessness

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  6. Common Ground, South Korea

    Common Ground is South Korea’s first shopping mall built with recycled shipping containers. Kolon Industries expects the area to help grow its new distribution business. See more at: http://businesskorea.co.kr/article/10019/shipping-container-mall-kolon-industries-fnc-opens-complex-shopping-mall-%E2%80%9Ccommon

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  7. The Delkab Market in Downtown Brooklyn

    The Delkab Market in Downtown Brooklyn shows how we can turn old shipping containers into a lively variety market. See more at: https://goo.gl/8eRnSR

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  8. Converted shipping containers being used as high-tech mobile science labs in Arctic

    The research facilities will be powered by wind turbines and solar panels. The forces of nature that so often dictate how life unfolds in the Arctic may also help give Canadian scientists new…

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  9. The Adriance House

    Architect Adam Kalkin combines 12 shipping containers inside a larger structure to create the Adriance House in northern Maine. The home uses the containers partially for structure, supporting a glazed glass structure that…

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  10. Keetwonen Dormitory, University of Amsterdam

    Each 40’ shipping container unit comes with a kitchen and bathroom. The modular nature of shipping containers allows units to be added if needed. Cutting out each end of the container allows more…

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