Monthly Archives: March, 2015

  1. Think Inside the Box

    The showroom of the Decameron furniture store is located on a rented site in the furniture commercial alley in São Paulo. To make the quick and economic construction viable, the project worked with…

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  2. Cove Park

    “The architects who developed Cove Park installed the 6 containers that make up the community in only three days. The en-suite accommodation units, a.k.a. “cubes,” act as retreats where artists can get away…

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  3. Shipping Container Homes

    12 homes made from shipping containers:   Compiled by Design Milk:

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  4. Shipping Container Drophouse

    Stylish and modern shipping container-sized prefab home: Read more at:

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  5. Group8’s Shipping Container Office

    This pretty much falls into our ‘Dream Office’ list:   Read more at:

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  6. A Tropical Retreat

    A great post from Dwell Read more at:

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  7. Cufflery School Classrooms and Music Studio

    Part of this school is made out of bright green shipping containers. More information in the link below:

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  8. Mobile Mini Garden

    “The most innovative and sustainable agriculture project by Ben Greene’s popularly known as The Farmery includes growing and selling various food items in the same place by making use of various shipping containers…

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  9. PodPonics Uses Shipping Containers to Grow Food Downtown

    “A new farming method can condense an acre’s worth of food into one single pod. Photojournalist Greg Kilday explains.” Story and pictures courtesy of CityFarmer:

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